CREATION THEORY and EVOLUTION THEORY. Life is so amazing, and so are the changes that we will see during our lifetime. During the last century many things have had a complete revolution and what was once believed to be good is now believed to be terrible. In 1922 and before, a teacher teaching Darwin’s Evolution Theory to his pupils could be prosecuted for doing so. How ridiculous can you get? Prosecuting a teacher for disseminating information? In 2005 a teacher teaching Creation Theory to his pupils could be prosecuted for teaching just that. How ridiculous can you get? Prosecuting teachers for disseminating information? Mainstream scientists, notably astronomers and physicists, now have a reasonably solid theory which points to a definite moment of creation and this is contained in the Big Bang Theory. Should the world now be consistent and prosecute them as well for propagating Creationism? That would be too ridiculous for words. not so? The point I am trying to make is that ALL theories are just that, theories and by definition a theory is something that has not been proved as yet. It is something one belives in and as long as that belief do not harm anyone else why should it be prohibited? Is it because we are afraid? Creationism and Evolution are certainly not mutally exclusive so why on earth would anyone attempt to forbid someone else to believe in either one or other or, yes, in both? Makes you think doesn’t it. Seems like the more we learn and know, the less we know and understand. See me tomorrow.

October 1, 2009

SPRINGTIME AND POLITICIANS. Here in South Africa it is spring and guess what? It is cloudy and rainy. Being a semi-arid country, to us that is not bad news but rather good. However being a gloomy day, it tends to leave one gloomy inside. So to brighten up my spirit and my outlook, I like to read and watch the news and specifically politics. Watching these politicians with their air of self importance strut and prance about is such great fun that soon all ideas of gloom are dispelled. If only they can see themselves as others, outside of politics, see them. And then there is a bunch of people who are even bigger clowns than politicians, namely celebrities in the entertainment world, wannabe politicians, who would want us to believe that their considered opinion really matters a damn. I will assure anyone that between these two groups of public clowns, gloominess does not have a snowball’s hope in hell. That’s my thought for today, see me tomorrow.

September 30, 2009